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Ahad, 10 Oktober 2010


ewah, bila entri makngoh berbahasa inggeris. ekceli, ini copy paste dari emel dan ekceli yang kedua, makngoh malas nak, read it by yourself. You may use dictionary and non-programmable scientific calculator (kira duit yang kena kebas tu) to understand this entry. thank you.

Since all of us have ATM card(s), I would like to share this important news. My friend saw a man at Novena MRT ATM trying to get all the receipts out of the ATM bin.
Please read the following message from a friend of mine, it's true. Please be careful, it’s not a joke....

Be careful when u draw cash from ATM with receipt complete with your account number.

Please never throw the ATM receipt in the public bin even if u used to tear it into small pieces before throwing it away.

Today, just got a call from my sister that she had lost all her cash from her account. She threw the receipt into the bin provided at ATM recently.

Luckily, she only has $633/= in her account.

Not much of suspicious when she was left with $11/= because she thought it was her petrol GIRO payment, however, that’s not true.. She only got to know it when the petrol company, Mobil cut-off the petrol card's transaction when she realized something is wrong.

After checking with the bank, she was told that now there is this syndicate who will pick up the ATM receipt & with their IT expert, they are able to draw out your money.

The bank will not be able to trace where these people had drawn the money & how they do it, don't ask me, even the bank can't answer it.

They can only advise you to report the case to the police for investigation. My sister is the third victim in this month

jangan buang resit ATM anda di tempat public!

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